Exercise of bags under the eyes.

But the most effective procedure of bags under the eyes are the daily exercises. The fact that the muscles of our eyes are very small load, and to strengthen them, it is necessary to make them work!
The more muscles you work the eyes, the better lymph flow, and so uncomfortable your bags under the eyes;)
So, for the battle. Here's the basic set of exercises for the eyes:
    * Very close your eyes and open them as widely as possible. Repeat 10 times.
    * Hold your head up, look up and down, left and right, or rotate the eyes in an effort to increase the viewing angle. Exercise can be done even in public transport:)
    * Blink very quickly, and then close the eyes (), trying not to wrinkle his face. Keep as 10 seconds, then open and relax your eyes. Do this several times.
    * Close your eyes, hold it as 10 seconds. Then open wide and look up (no lift your head!) For another 10 seconds. Then relax and look into the distance. Do this several times.