Dangerous "how to" treat bags under his eyes.

    There are many tips for removing dark circles and bags under the eyes that are simply dangerous to your health.
The most common are the following:
1. Lubrication depressions under the eyes protivogemmoroidalnoy ointment. This recipe does not hold water!
  Well really pereorbitalnaya area and anal overstie has the same structure?
After such an experiment on himself in the best outcome for you is the result of no consequences.
Treat allergies will be worse and more expensive for your wallet ... .
2. The use of bleaching creams for problem areas under the eyes. If dark circles are not associated with skin pigmentation, the effect will not be! Or rather, will be, but only on the moisturizing ingredients that are contained in the cream. So why pay the extra money?
  If you are a supporter of this method, you simply buy a moisturizer without additives, the difference will not see.
3. Gomeopatiya advised to take medication that contains an extract of arnica. In this case, nothing bad can be said. It is not known whether arnica helps to get rid of bags under the eyes, but your general health will help precisely.
  According to Wikipedia, the plant is very useful. Try, and suddenly help?