Blepharoplasty to Remove Puffy Eyelids.

      Blepharoplasty - it's both functional and cosmetic surgery to correct upper or lower eyelids by removing excess skin and distribution system connecting and strengthening the muscles. In the case of a significant stretching of the skin of the upper eyelid, it hangs over the eyelashes and leads to a reduction of peripheral vision. Significant narrowing of the visual field causes difficulty in reading and driving. In this case the upper blepharoplasty eyelids done to improve peripheral vision. Patients with less severe stretching of the skin, such as blepharoplasty to do with cosmetic purposes.    
  Lower eyelid blepharoplasty always perform cosmetic use of hernial to remove "bags" under the eyes and excess skin. Blepharoplasty through an external incision in the natural lines ever - namely, the top fold of the century, or the incision runs along the outer edge of the lower lid, slightly lower than the situs of eyelashes or inside the lower eyelid (part of the mucous membrane of the eye.  
   Post-operative bruising and swelling go away within 1-2 weeks, but the final aesthetic result of blepharoplasty surgery can be assessed one month after the operation. The duration of the operation depends on the technology and complexity of clinical cases. Usually this procedure lasts 1-2 hours.  
   Features of the building skin of the patient, the anatomical features of age, especially hollow bones, which are placed the eyeball and its surrounding tissues affect the cosmetic and functional outcomes after blepharoplasty. Factors that could cause complications after surgery:
surgery to remove bags under the eyes

     Previous dry eye can damage the mucous membrane of the eye;

    Excessive stretching of the lower eyelid margin may cause a lower than his natural position of the outer part (ectropion).
      Strongly convex with respect to the cheekbones and eyes may result in incorrect, lower than the natural position of the lower eyelid.  
  The difference between prices in different hospitals is important, however, some information is presented here. Note that some clinics in the prices indicate just the cost of operations and does not include the cost of additional costs: for anesthesia, hospitalization, testing, dressing. The most experienced plastic surgeons perform blepharoplasty, maxillofacial surgeons and ophthalmologists.
    Upper blepharoplasty, which make people from Asia, called blepharoplasty, Asian Age, or surgery to correct the East. This is the most popular cosmetic surgery that makes the residents of East and Southeast Asia. Because of anatomical differences between Europeans and the construction of all Asians, more than half of Asia's population is born without an upper eyelid crease. The operation is performed to artificially create a crease of the upper eyelid.  
   Surgeon to make blepharoplasty to remove fat around the lower eyelid incision through the back surface (through the mucosa) without an external skin incision. It is in connection with such access during the operation can not remove excess skin. However, this method is often combined with blepharoplasty, chemical peels or laser skin resurfacing procedure.