The most common causes of bags under the eyes of men.

   The correct definition of cause is very important! This result is essential for choosing the right solutions to the problem of bags under the eyes.

1. Genetics.
   If "dark circles" have become almost permanent adornment of your person, or they have appeared in adolescence, perhaps, the reason is genetic predisposition.
Pay attention to the faces of their parents, relatives and grandparents.
Unfortunately, in the event of such a "gift" from their ancestors (if you are sure that this is true), there is only one radical means of deliverance - to see a surgeon.
   Still, you first need to try more sparing treatments (natural or cosmetics).
Suddenly, she made an error in the findings?
  As they say in commercials popular detergent powder: - "Why pay more?". This phrase is quite true in our case.
2. Party.
  When the characteristic bumps under your eyes after a stormy party causality track easier than ever - to receive drugs or alcohol in combination with the lack of sleep cause swelling of the periorbital tissue, resulting in undesirable cosmetic effects.
3. Lack of sleep.
  Chronic lack of sleep can very easily cause the appearance of bags under the eyes.
In most cases, they predshedstvuyut dark circles around the eyes.
Solution to the problem here is quite obvious - just more sleep!
4. Nutrition.
  By swell century leads overreliance on salty foods and some dietary supplements. Salt holds water in the body, a large amount of which "stores" in the fat tissue itself. Including inside the orbit.
5. Edema (water retention) in the periorbital tissue of the eye can cause:
 - Disease or inflammation of the kidneys;
 - Allergic diseases;
 - Raspiratornye infection (eg, elementary common cold);
 - Inflammation of the sinuses (rhinitis, sinusitis);
  It's all clear - take away the cause (disease) and bags disappear by themselves.
6.UV radiation.
 If you're a big fan of tan in the sun or tanning beds are abusing note - too much UV radiation can also cause the appearance of dark under-eye swelling.
7. Eye fatigue.
 This is probably the most likely cause of all problems with "sacs".
Just try to sit in front of a smaller monitor or TV.
Especially bad habit - watching TV in a dark room without any additional side lighting.
Pity, please your eyes. In addition to edema, in which case you can get big and eye problems. Your health is far more valuable than the few cents that will be saved for additional lighting.
8. Age.
 Unfortunately, with age, skin elasticity and firmness decreases. She stretched and can not hold the fatty tissue under the eye as before.
It's sad but true ... .
  To learn how to get rid of bags under the eyes, which means the elimination of edema are known, please read the following posts.