The last round in the struggle with the bags under the eyes of men.

  So, dear visitors, you have tried all the "simple" ways and means of getting rid of bags under the eyes: exercise , changed your lifestyle, do ice massage , quit smoking but the result does not correspond to expectations.
 What do I do next? To live with terrible swellings under the eyes or raise money for an operation?
 There is probably another major reason which caused so hard to get rid of the "jewels". This pollution of your body slags, toxins, drugs, preservatives, and God knows what else. The first thought that comes to mind, from me all this stuff. The answer is simple as one cent - from the environment around you, food and air. Yes, nature has provided for us to self-cleaning. But he could not foresee that man will poison himself: Tobacco, unleaded gasoline, antibiotics, phenols and other things. Such deceit our body was not ready. The first thing to start cleansing the body - with a clean colon.


  Few people know that for 40 years in the male body accumulates so intoxicated 5 kg of various stones.     Important Note: the colon - is not just an analogue of the car exhaust pipe, as many think. Look on the internet on this topic and you will find out more information. important not afraid of their knowledge. There is a simple test to check how protected your body of toxins. Take 1 - 3 tablespoons freshly squeezed beet juice.


  If after this you will turn the urine the color of the beet, it means that your mucous membranes ceased to perform its functions qualitatively. And if the beet juice urine stains, then just as easy to penetrate through these walls, and toxins circulating throughout the body. Unfortunately, there is no better way than an enema, not yet invented. Of course after a week you will make your system feel younger and healthier. No supplements, miracle, and other means will not help you. Only in this way rather than another. Many men, especially the traditional sexual orientation, absolutely do not accept this method. Well, if they look old and still continue to wear those ugly bags under the eyes.
  Important: This method may have contraindications to the case of diseases of internal organs. Talk to your doctor just in case.
    Good luck!

The Man's Face and Smoking

     Anxious and afraid, but we humans have a unique ability: when faced with unpleasant information for us, we want to forget. As the Iron Curtain falls to the facts that are concerned to reflect
Professor P. Laptev.

   One phenomenon that smoking - is harmful to health, well-known.
Many countries are actively struggling with these conditions, increasing cigarette prices and restricting smoking in public places.
    French scientists have found that smoking is on the exterior of a negative impact women than men on the exterior. On the lighter skin on the face of sex gets old quickly loses its elasticity, and in the corners of the mouth and eye wrinkles.
    Drug addiction leads to significant changes in the appearance of tobacco addiction for the worse.
Note: The survey of more than a hundred hard-core smokers indicated that they wrinkle up to five times more than non-peers, harmful toxic substances contained in tobacco smoke damages the small blood vessels on the face. This causes premature aging and fading of the skin and the appearance of bags under the eyes of men.
   Every seventh smokers develop severe illness - occlusive disease. The disease often leads to gangrene of the lower limb amputation.
  Each year, lung cancer kills millions of lives. This is a severe form of disease is a cancer in smokers is 15-20 times more likely than those who do not have the inclination.  British Union of doctors meticulously calculated that each cigarette reduces life by 5-6 minutes. The man smoked per day for 10 or more cigarettes a little, deliberately deprive themselves of approximately 6 years of life!The trouble is that a cigarette softly, gradually pressing the edge of a precipice. As the German philosopher G. Lessing: ". Yad, which will not work right away, no less dangerous"
    I would like to advise smokers to quit smoking once and for all. Do not be fooled, nor cigarettes "no nicotine" or miracle mouthpieces alleged delay of all harmful substances. Just smoke cigarettes, his last. And when it gets too unbearable to chew any gum, a slice of cheese, sucking lollipops. Of course, the excitement is not the same, but easier to ship, and with them your heart, lungs, brain, and everything else.

     If you can not quit smoking (advice of German experts):

 - Buy cigarettes in one game.
 - Taking a pack of cigarettes at once to escape.
 - Use only filtered cigarettes.
 - Constantly changing variety of cigarettes.
 - Keep cigarettes away from the workplace.
 - Refuse to consider foreign cigarettes.
 - Do not ask me to smoke themselves.
 - Do not carry matches, a lighter.
 - Smoke to conceal the ashtray.
 - After each puff a cigarette lay on the edge of the ashtray.
 - After the first puff to put out a cigarette.
 - Tightened over time.
 - Gradually move to smoking without delay.
 - Smoke their first cigarette after breakfast.
 - Gradually increase the time between the moment when there is a desire to smoke, and start to smoke up to 10 minutes or more.
 - Do not smoke cigarettes in more than one hour.
 - Calculate how much money is saved.

How to Remove Eye Fatigue.

     Very often people who spend much time at work on a computer, or do other things that cause eye strain (different job with the documentation, knitting, etc.) suffer from a chronic eye fatigue.
Eye fatigue can be accompanied by redness and pain in his eyes, which often begin to tear, as well as reddened and swollen eyelids. All this is not enough that deprives a person of his appeal (especially those concerned with women), so also is there frequent eye strain can significantly affect and visual impairment.

   And since in our time computing work of many people is to constantly sitting in front of the monitor, but most have simply can not imagine life without a computer, then to somehow shoot regularly appearing eye fatigue, and help ordinary light exercise.

                         Gymnastics for the eyes.
   Gymnastics for eye exercises that you can find below, not only helps relieve stress and eye fatigue, but also to prevent their occurrence. Also, regular exercise to help maintain eyes, and even in some measure to improve eyesight, and avoid many of various eye diseases.

Such exercises, there is not enough, but you do not do them all. For added convenience, all the exercises have been divided into two sets, and you can choose the one most suitable for you, by executing it will take you no more than 5 minutes.

Described below of exercises for the eyes is recommended to make at least 2 or 3 times a day. But if, for example, when working at your computer, your eyes get tired very quickly, as soon as you feel it, hang up, at least for a few seconds, and do one or two of the following exercises:

Quickly blinked rapidly for a few seconds;
Several times very close your eyes;
Close your eyes and just sit so about 15 seconds in a relaxed state;
And now the actual complex exercises for the eyes:

        1st set of exercises to help relieve fatigue eyes.
   Look straight ahead into the distance (preferably in a box), on anything does not look at focusing within 5 seconds, then lift your index finger to his eye level, approximately 30 inches from them, and look at him without looking as in within 5 seconds. Now dip a finger, and then look away, and then again raised his finger on.To do so 3-4 times.

   The next exercise is based on the eye to take on the tip of the nose pencil or your finger at arm's length, and back, and at the same time, not looking up to look at him.Repeat 5-6 times.

   Draw on a sheet of paper small black circle, no more than half a centimeter in diameter, and attach that sheet to a window. First, look for a few seconds of the window at some object located Far, then move the sight for a few seconds at the point drawn. Repeat 4-5 times.

    I hope all imagine the infinity symbol? Further exercise for the eyes is to continuously draw this symbol in their eyes open space, 10 times, first horizontally and then vertically as much time as usual eight.

   Lift the thumb to the eye level, approximately 30 centimeters from them, and look for 5 seconds at the tip of both eyes. Then for 5 seconds then close one eye, while continuing to look at the finger the other eye open, then just close the 2nd eye, and then again look at the finger with two eyes open. Make 3.4 approach.

   In the following exercise for the eyes and lift the thumb (first right hand) to eye level, but at arm's length. Slowly start to take your finger right at the same time continuously watch their eyes (the head is not rotated). Then lift your left thumb, and just looking at him, slowly take your left. Make 4-5 approaches, each finger.

   Sit straight, and without turning his head, move your view in the lower right corner for a few seconds, then obliquely, in the upper left corner. Then, in the lower left corner, then in the upper right corner. Thing to do 4-5 sets.
  Well as you can see, this gym for eyes has not even complicated, and takes very little time. The same can be said about the next set of exercises that are effective in eye fatigue:

              2nd set of exercises for tired eyes

   Take a deep breath in the air, very much screwing with my eyes. Hold your breath for 5-7 seconds, and try to maximize strain muscles of the head, face and neck.Then make a sharp exhalation, opening wide his eyes on it. Repeat 3-4 times.

  As in the 1st set of exercises for the eyes, start drawing the sign of infinity, eyes open, but much blinking. 10 times horizontally, vertically and 10 times.

  Lightly press the temples with your fingertips, and blinked about 15 seconds. Then rest a little, closing his eyes, and then repeat this exercise 2-3 times.

Close your eyes and completely relax your face. Now move your eyeballs, making a rotational movement, first from left to right 10 times, and then the same again from right to left. Do 2-3 sets.

  Close your eyes and put the index fingers of both hands on his eyebrows, and his thumbs on the lower eyelid, in a hole under the eyeball. Now gently massage the parts for 15-20 seconds, making as it circles the bottom up.
This daily eye exercises to fully substitute for eye drops, and you will feel the result in the near future.

  What else would be useful for the eyes, so that opening them in cold water. Just dip the face in a pot or other container with a wide net and cold water, and then in her eyes for a few seconds. This procedure is not only good eye fatigue, but also cleans them, promoting the improvement of vision.
And to avoid eye vessels go bust, it is recommended to take more vitamin C.

  Also, there are also folk remedies to help relieve fatigue and swelling of the eye lids.For example, the well will be applied to tired, swollen and reddened eyes cold used tea bag for 15-20 minutes. Or you can make a cold compress of chamomile or sage broth.

  Well relieves swelling and redness of eyelids fresh cucumber juice, or juice, squeezed from parsley. Instead of juice, you can use a cold decoction of parsley.Just abundantly moisten a cotton swab in juice or broth, and apply to closed eyes.Once the tampon begins to dry, moisten it again.

   And do not forget about good health and adequate sleep. After all, sleep deprivation, as well as sitting at a computer is one of the main causes of frequent fatigue.