Food for light sleep.

  In order to get rid of bags under the eyes, the man must have restful sleep. What should I do if I can not sleep?

To begin to start to eat right!

There are products, which relax tense muscles, calm the nervous system. They contribute to fall asleep and have a positive effect on sleep quality. These products usually contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which stimulates the production of serotonin and melatonin - a hormone responsible for mood.
Tryptophan is found in cheese, so use a small amount of cheese before bed will help to quickly sink into sweet dreams. Milk also has a tryptophan and calcium, which helps the body absorb this amino acid also affects the psyche of the milk and return man feeling his early childhood, representing the peace and quiet. Milk is better to drink warm.

Incentives to get rid of bags under the eyes.

  Frankly, with a strong desire to remove dark circles or bags is not difficult.
To do this, there are many ways, such as here and here, too.
But why do the majority of men (more women) are constantly looking for how to forget about these "jewels" for all?
  The answer to this question is as follows: - "There is little incentive"!
 Here's a typical situation of most people.
- Woke up - looked at myself in the mirror - it frightened her face - a couple of days has made an effort to fight for the beauty of his face - looking in the mirror and feel better - all, enough to fight!
 Do not you recognize yourself?
 If not, you just got lucky.
   You see, the problem is simply how to create incentives for themselves to fight to complete victory over the bags.

Blepharoplasty to Remove Puffy Eyelids.

      Blepharoplasty - it's both functional and cosmetic surgery to correct upper or lower eyelids by removing excess skin and distribution system connecting and strengthening the muscles. In the case of a significant stretching of the skin of the upper eyelid, it hangs over the eyelashes and leads to a reduction of peripheral vision. Significant narrowing of the visual field causes difficulty in reading and driving. In this case the upper blepharoplasty eyelids done to improve peripheral vision. Patients with less severe stretching of the skin, such as blepharoplasty to do with cosmetic purposes.    
  Lower eyelid blepharoplasty always perform cosmetic use of hernial to remove "bags" under the eyes and excess skin. Blepharoplasty through an external incision in the natural lines ever - namely, the top fold of the century, or the incision runs along the outer edge of the lower lid, slightly lower than the situs of eyelashes or inside the lower eyelid (part of the mucous membrane of the eye.  
   Post-operative bruising and swelling go away within 1-2 weeks, but the final aesthetic result of blepharoplasty surgery can be assessed one month after the operation. The duration of the operation depends on the technology and complexity of clinical cases. Usually this procedure lasts 1-2 hours.  
   Features of the building skin of the patient, the anatomical features of age, especially hollow bones, which are placed the eyeball and its surrounding tissues affect the cosmetic and functional outcomes after blepharoplasty. Factors that could cause complications after surgery:
surgery to remove bags under the eyes

     Previous dry eye can damage the mucous membrane of the eye;