Quickly get rid of bags under the eyes.

      Once you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the causes of dark circles and bags under the eyes, with treatments and massages .
there was a need to understand that offers beauty products and why it is needed.
     It's no secret that the pace of life each year is accelerating, and the modern man there is less time for themselves and their family on vacation.
Time to cope with all the things a person tries at the expense of sleep time. Now we sleep 1.5 hours less than 10 years ago.
     Do you think this will be consequences for your health and have no effect on appearance?
Suggested ways to treat the "dark" eyes are quite effective and inexpensive, but the result can be seen not very fast.
    There are cases where the result must have "today"!

Ice massage the face in the home.

    Massage with ice - it is an interesting medical cosmetic procedure. This type of massage used in ancient times. The sharp contrast of body temperature is extremely good for your health in general.
     It is better to carry out this procedure in the hot tub. But if you do not want to take a bath or can not, you'll like just a pitcher of hot water and ice of course. So, for our procedure, you will need: any vessel with hot water, and a small soft towel and prepared in advance of ice cubes. Start with the fact that the dip a towel in hot water, squeeze it well and you put on your face or neck for five to ten minutes. Wait until completely cool towel, grab an ice cube and apply it to the skin.
    Keep your movements were smooth, flat, without pressure. Ice should gently glide over the skin. For one massage you will need 2-3 pieces of ice. After the treatment with ice, it should again be applied to face a hot towel for 2 minutes, then rinse face with cool water and rub on the skin nourishing mask or cream.
Be sure to follow the movements in the same order as shown.

The effect is not long to wait. Of ice massage, just 3-4 sessions bags under the eyes become less noticeable, fine wrinkles smoothed, as if by magic, and the skin will look fresher and younger.
    Useful Tips.
   Instead of the usual tap water is better to use mineral water without gas. Ice cubes make a better on the basis of frozen green tea without sugar. You can also use a special cosmetic ice. Make ice massage face constantly, it will allow you to keep the natural beauty for a long time.
  Contraindications to massage with ice almost none. But if you have any disease or you do not feel it is better to any massage consult an expert.

Exercise of bags under the eyes.

But the most effective procedure of bags under the eyes are the daily exercises. The fact that the muscles of our eyes are very small load, and to strengthen them, it is necessary to make them work!
The more muscles you work the eyes, the better lymph flow, and so uncomfortable your bags under the eyes;)
So, for the battle. Here's the basic set of exercises for the eyes:
    * Very close your eyes and open them as widely as possible. Repeat 10 times.
    * Hold your head up, look up and down, left and right, or rotate the eyes in an effort to increase the viewing angle. Exercise can be done even in public transport:)
    * Blink very quickly, and then close the eyes (), trying not to wrinkle his face. Keep as 10 seconds, then open and relax your eyes. Do this several times.
    * Close your eyes, hold it as 10 seconds. Then open wide and look up (no lift your head!) For another 10 seconds. Then relax and look into the distance. Do this several times.

How to get rid of the bags under your eyes natural, at home.

     You can everything that improves the flow of fluid from the eye, stimulates the regeneration of the skin, strengthens it and makes it supple. In order to remove bags under the eyes at home, using a variety of ways, which we believe.
 • A simple but very effective measure - ice cubes (preferably from the infusion of herbs) to help make massage the problem area for 3-4 minutes.
• Pay attention to the cold packs - stimulating blood circulation, they help to remove puffiness under the eyes. Traditional medicine recommends the use of bags of fresh tea leaves (green and black tea). Moisten a cotton swab into the tea leaves and put it on for 10-15 minutes on the eyes.
 • Remove bags under your eyes will help the mask of the parsley. Parsley, finely chopped and put under the eyes, superimposed on the leaves moist cotton swab. Such a mask is applied for 10-15 minutes. To get rid of bags under your eyes, make a one-week course.
• Proven excellent tool that allows you to remove bags under the eyes, a mask made of boiled potatoes. Method - just cut in half and attach the potatoes of your eyes for 20-30 minutes. Note - the potatoes should be warm but not hot, not to damage the delicate skin around the eyes.
• Contrasting herbal compresses - another effective way. To remove the bags under the eyes, suitable chamomile, sage, parsley. To prepare a compress pour boiling water over the leaves of grass, and then let stand for 20-30 minutes broth. After that, the broth is heated and the other is cooled. Then take a cotton swab soaked, and then turns into a warm infusion, and cold applied to the eye. This package is recommended before bedtime.

   In order to avoid swelling under the eyes, try eating more foods containing vitamin B5. This fish, meat, eggs, liver, legumes, fresh vegetables (asparagus, cauliflower, beets), porcini and button mushrooms. In addition, this vitamin-rich milk and dairy products, nuts, wheat germ and wheat bran, whole-grain bread .. Well, to help bring the excess fluid from the body, such as fruits and vegetables, watermelon, strawberries, parsley and pumpkin, but still abuse is not recommended.
 There is a very controversial methods to get rid of the "hang decorations," the eyes of men. These include:
1. Grease century protivogemmoroidalnoy ointment (not give it a try for yourself!). What can I say? Obviously, this cream is designed for completely different places of the human body and its treatment in the case in other places may have an effect, counterproductive.
2. The use of diuretics to remove fluid from the body. Their effectiveness in this situation is highly questionable, and no harm doctor's advice can lead to large.
 It often happens that should be well very soon look like "candy" - a fresh and rested. In this case, to apply cosmetics. You can read the review of the creams to remove bags under the eyes here Well, if you have time and money are best left to the elimination of edema and pigmentation under the eyes of professionals, beauticians.
   Good results and long-lasting effect for massaging the skin around the eyes.

Anatomical definition of the bags under his eyes.

 Eyeball sockets layer separated from the adipose tissue that acts as a shock and called periorbital fiber. From her eyelid skin separates the connective tissue membrane - orbital septum, holding the adipose tissue inside the eye socket.

Until recently it was believed that the bags under the eyes occur when the connective tissue membrane loses its elasticity, stretch, sag outwards and can not hold the fat inside, forming a kind of hernia. Therefore, when performing plastic surgery on the lower eyelids to remove "bags" surgeons, primarily sutured and reinforced orbital septum.

 However, in the summer of 2008 scientists proved that the appearance of bags under the eyes caused by an increase in the periorbital tissue. When this increase exceeds the orbital septum tension, fat sticks out her out, going beyond the orbit. And to increase the amount of adipose tissue may due to its expansion or edema.

 "Sacks", which appeared as a result of edema, usually most noticeable after a sleep and reduced or completely pass late in the afternoon, when under the influence of gravity and stimulate blood circulation fluid flowing from the upper body.

 "Bags" associated with the growth of adipose tissue are constant and do not depend on time of day.

Why do men want to get rid of bags under your eyes?

      If you are on this site, then you, like many other men, worried about the dark bags under his eyes. It seems the problem is not very serious: no pain, no itching ... .
     Men of the population usually does not pay that much attention to their appearance, the more beautiful half of humanity - a woman.


     However, there are many reasons to get rid of this cosmetic defect.

 Here are the main arguments:
1. Wrinkles, and even gray hair on your head you will add less age than the dark circles under the eyes hanging.
2.Cinema during its existence, through films managed to create the image of man - a loser, a leading healthy lives,
abusing alcohol, unsettled in life. So, in most cases, the villain has huge bags under my eyes!
You want to look like? I think not.

   In order that others not think badly of you, it is urgent to resolve the issue: "How to get rid of bags under the eyes of men?"
   The following steps to resolve this issue appearance:
1.Learn the anatomical definition of bags under the eyes and determine the cause of and find out the cause. (This is a very important step! Pay attention to him!)
2 Depending on the reason to define a strategy to combat this misunderstanding.
3.Ways to remove bags under the eyes, their advantages and disadvantages::
 3.1. Natural remedies.
 3.2. That invites us to cosmetics?
 3.3 Medical (surgical) methods of disposal.
  I want to just calm down those who do not like to refer to physicians: the need to resort to surgery is extremely rare.
  In most cases, the problem of the appearance of bags under the eyes is solved with a little financial cost and at home!