The Man's Face and Smoking

     Anxious and afraid, but we humans have a unique ability: when faced with unpleasant information for us, we want to forget. As the Iron Curtain falls to the facts that are concerned to reflect
Professor P. Laptev.

   One phenomenon that smoking - is harmful to health, well-known.
Many countries are actively struggling with these conditions, increasing cigarette prices and restricting smoking in public places.
    French scientists have found that smoking is on the exterior of a negative impact women than men on the exterior. On the lighter skin on the face of sex gets old quickly loses its elasticity, and in the corners of the mouth and eye wrinkles.
    Drug addiction leads to significant changes in the appearance of tobacco addiction for the worse.
Note: The survey of more than a hundred hard-core smokers indicated that they wrinkle up to five times more than non-peers, harmful toxic substances contained in tobacco smoke damages the small blood vessels on the face. This causes premature aging and fading of the skin and the appearance of bags under the eyes of men.
   Every seventh smokers develop severe illness - occlusive disease. The disease often leads to gangrene of the lower limb amputation.
  Each year, lung cancer kills millions of lives. This is a severe form of disease is a cancer in smokers is 15-20 times more likely than those who do not have the inclination.  British Union of doctors meticulously calculated that each cigarette reduces life by 5-6 minutes. The man smoked per day for 10 or more cigarettes a little, deliberately deprive themselves of approximately 6 years of life!The trouble is that a cigarette softly, gradually pressing the edge of a precipice. As the German philosopher G. Lessing: ". Yad, which will not work right away, no less dangerous"
    I would like to advise smokers to quit smoking once and for all. Do not be fooled, nor cigarettes "no nicotine" or miracle mouthpieces alleged delay of all harmful substances. Just smoke cigarettes, his last. And when it gets too unbearable to chew any gum, a slice of cheese, sucking lollipops. Of course, the excitement is not the same, but easier to ship, and with them your heart, lungs, brain, and everything else.

     If you can not quit smoking (advice of German experts):

 - Buy cigarettes in one game.
 - Taking a pack of cigarettes at once to escape.
 - Use only filtered cigarettes.
 - Constantly changing variety of cigarettes.
 - Keep cigarettes away from the workplace.
 - Refuse to consider foreign cigarettes.
 - Do not ask me to smoke themselves.
 - Do not carry matches, a lighter.
 - Smoke to conceal the ashtray.
 - After each puff a cigarette lay on the edge of the ashtray.
 - After the first puff to put out a cigarette.
 - Tightened over time.
 - Gradually move to smoking without delay.
 - Smoke their first cigarette after breakfast.
 - Gradually increase the time between the moment when there is a desire to smoke, and start to smoke up to 10 minutes or more.
 - Do not smoke cigarettes in more than one hour.
 - Calculate how much money is saved.

How to Remove Eye Fatigue.

     Very often people who spend much time at work on a computer, or do other things that cause eye strain (different job with the documentation, knitting, etc.) suffer from a chronic eye fatigue.
Eye fatigue can be accompanied by redness and pain in his eyes, which often begin to tear, as well as reddened and swollen eyelids. All this is not enough that deprives a person of his appeal (especially those concerned with women), so also is there frequent eye strain can significantly affect and visual impairment.

   And since in our time computing work of many people is to constantly sitting in front of the monitor, but most have simply can not imagine life without a computer, then to somehow shoot regularly appearing eye fatigue, and help ordinary light exercise.

                         Gymnastics for the eyes.
   Gymnastics for eye exercises that you can find below, not only helps relieve stress and eye fatigue, but also to prevent their occurrence. Also, regular exercise to help maintain eyes, and even in some measure to improve eyesight, and avoid many of various eye diseases.

Such exercises, there is not enough, but you do not do them all. For added convenience, all the exercises have been divided into two sets, and you can choose the one most suitable for you, by executing it will take you no more than 5 minutes.

Described below of exercises for the eyes is recommended to make at least 2 or 3 times a day. But if, for example, when working at your computer, your eyes get tired very quickly, as soon as you feel it, hang up, at least for a few seconds, and do one or two of the following exercises:

Quickly blinked rapidly for a few seconds;
Several times very close your eyes;
Close your eyes and just sit so about 15 seconds in a relaxed state;
And now the actual complex exercises for the eyes:

        1st set of exercises to help relieve fatigue eyes.
   Look straight ahead into the distance (preferably in a box), on anything does not look at focusing within 5 seconds, then lift your index finger to his eye level, approximately 30 inches from them, and look at him without looking as in within 5 seconds. Now dip a finger, and then look away, and then again raised his finger on.To do so 3-4 times.

   The next exercise is based on the eye to take on the tip of the nose pencil or your finger at arm's length, and back, and at the same time, not looking up to look at him.Repeat 5-6 times.

   Draw on a sheet of paper small black circle, no more than half a centimeter in diameter, and attach that sheet to a window. First, look for a few seconds of the window at some object located Far, then move the sight for a few seconds at the point drawn. Repeat 4-5 times.

    I hope all imagine the infinity symbol? Further exercise for the eyes is to continuously draw this symbol in their eyes open space, 10 times, first horizontally and then vertically as much time as usual eight.

   Lift the thumb to the eye level, approximately 30 centimeters from them, and look for 5 seconds at the tip of both eyes. Then for 5 seconds then close one eye, while continuing to look at the finger the other eye open, then just close the 2nd eye, and then again look at the finger with two eyes open. Make 3.4 approach.

   In the following exercise for the eyes and lift the thumb (first right hand) to eye level, but at arm's length. Slowly start to take your finger right at the same time continuously watch their eyes (the head is not rotated). Then lift your left thumb, and just looking at him, slowly take your left. Make 4-5 approaches, each finger.

   Sit straight, and without turning his head, move your view in the lower right corner for a few seconds, then obliquely, in the upper left corner. Then, in the lower left corner, then in the upper right corner. Thing to do 4-5 sets.
  Well as you can see, this gym for eyes has not even complicated, and takes very little time. The same can be said about the next set of exercises that are effective in eye fatigue:

              2nd set of exercises for tired eyes

   Take a deep breath in the air, very much screwing with my eyes. Hold your breath for 5-7 seconds, and try to maximize strain muscles of the head, face and neck.Then make a sharp exhalation, opening wide his eyes on it. Repeat 3-4 times.

  As in the 1st set of exercises for the eyes, start drawing the sign of infinity, eyes open, but much blinking. 10 times horizontally, vertically and 10 times.

  Lightly press the temples with your fingertips, and blinked about 15 seconds. Then rest a little, closing his eyes, and then repeat this exercise 2-3 times.

Close your eyes and completely relax your face. Now move your eyeballs, making a rotational movement, first from left to right 10 times, and then the same again from right to left. Do 2-3 sets.

  Close your eyes and put the index fingers of both hands on his eyebrows, and his thumbs on the lower eyelid, in a hole under the eyeball. Now gently massage the parts for 15-20 seconds, making as it circles the bottom up.
This daily eye exercises to fully substitute for eye drops, and you will feel the result in the near future.

  What else would be useful for the eyes, so that opening them in cold water. Just dip the face in a pot or other container with a wide net and cold water, and then in her eyes for a few seconds. This procedure is not only good eye fatigue, but also cleans them, promoting the improvement of vision.
And to avoid eye vessels go bust, it is recommended to take more vitamin C.

  Also, there are also folk remedies to help relieve fatigue and swelling of the eye lids.For example, the well will be applied to tired, swollen and reddened eyes cold used tea bag for 15-20 minutes. Or you can make a cold compress of chamomile or sage broth.

  Well relieves swelling and redness of eyelids fresh cucumber juice, or juice, squeezed from parsley. Instead of juice, you can use a cold decoction of parsley.Just abundantly moisten a cotton swab in juice or broth, and apply to closed eyes.Once the tampon begins to dry, moisten it again.

   And do not forget about good health and adequate sleep. After all, sleep deprivation, as well as sitting at a computer is one of the main causes of frequent fatigue.

Programming a Night's Sleep.

  I think everybody understands that if a good night's sleep, the chances of dark circles and bags under the eyes is reduced by several times!
 Good effect in the prevention of sleep disorders provides autogenic training - effect on its status by using self-hypnosis.
 Mastering this technique is, of course, more complicated than take a pill, but your faith and perseverance will be rewarded: you fall asleep quickly and sleep without medication deep restful sleep.
 The method is this: you're lying on your back, arms along your torso, legs freely distributed. Slowly repeat to yourself, the following phrases represent the warm light of a jet of water, soft sunlight, muffled murmur of the sea, rustle of pebbles and similar to other coastal images associated with this warm, pleasant and quiet gravity.
 "My feet are warm and heavy, the legs are relaxed, all the leg muscles are relaxed (3-4).
 "My hands are warm and heavy, his hands relaxed, all hand muscles relaxed (3-4).

Food for light sleep.

  In order to get rid of bags under the eyes, the man must have restful sleep. What should I do if I can not sleep?

To begin to start to eat right!

There are products, which relax tense muscles, calm the nervous system. They contribute to fall asleep and have a positive effect on sleep quality. These products usually contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which stimulates the production of serotonin and melatonin - a hormone responsible for mood.
Tryptophan is found in cheese, so use a small amount of cheese before bed will help to quickly sink into sweet dreams. Milk also has a tryptophan and calcium, which helps the body absorb this amino acid also affects the psyche of the milk and return man feeling his early childhood, representing the peace and quiet. Milk is better to drink warm.

Incentives to get rid of bags under the eyes.

  Frankly, with a strong desire to remove dark circles or bags is not difficult.
To do this, there are many ways, such as here and here, too.
But why do the majority of men (more women) are constantly looking for how to forget about these "jewels" for all?
  The answer to this question is as follows: - "There is little incentive"!
 Here's a typical situation of most people.
- Woke up - looked at myself in the mirror - it frightened her face - a couple of days has made an effort to fight for the beauty of his face - looking in the mirror and feel better - all, enough to fight!
 Do not you recognize yourself?
 If not, you just got lucky.
   You see, the problem is simply how to create incentives for themselves to fight to complete victory over the bags.

Blepharoplasty to Remove Puffy Eyelids.

      Blepharoplasty - it's both functional and cosmetic surgery to correct upper or lower eyelids by removing excess skin and distribution system connecting and strengthening the muscles. In the case of a significant stretching of the skin of the upper eyelid, it hangs over the eyelashes and leads to a reduction of peripheral vision. Significant narrowing of the visual field causes difficulty in reading and driving. In this case the upper blepharoplasty eyelids done to improve peripheral vision. Patients with less severe stretching of the skin, such as blepharoplasty to do with cosmetic purposes.    
  Lower eyelid blepharoplasty always perform cosmetic use of hernial to remove "bags" under the eyes and excess skin. Blepharoplasty through an external incision in the natural lines ever - namely, the top fold of the century, or the incision runs along the outer edge of the lower lid, slightly lower than the situs of eyelashes or inside the lower eyelid (part of the mucous membrane of the eye.  
   Post-operative bruising and swelling go away within 1-2 weeks, but the final aesthetic result of blepharoplasty surgery can be assessed one month after the operation. The duration of the operation depends on the technology and complexity of clinical cases. Usually this procedure lasts 1-2 hours.  
   Features of the building skin of the patient, the anatomical features of age, especially hollow bones, which are placed the eyeball and its surrounding tissues affect the cosmetic and functional outcomes after blepharoplasty. Factors that could cause complications after surgery:
surgery to remove bags under the eyes

     Previous dry eye can damage the mucous membrane of the eye;

The best way to get rid of bags under the eyes, a healthy lifestyle.

   Would you like to once and for all, almost 100% get rid of those nasty bags under your eyes?    There is a very simple and at the same time nearly impossible for many of the secret that everyone knows. You just have to live a healthy lifestyle. 
  So simple? Yes, it seems easy to follow simple tips.
  Let's start with something small. Try to provide the necessary amount of sleep, give up excessive amounts of alcohol, beer, long party. Try to do morning exercises, to make a run.Eat less salt and fried foods. 
  Follow these tips though - would be one week. Just one. And you will be shocked by the positive effect of health, who will receive the body. The disappearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes is the smallest effect you will see immediately. And no need to buy creams and other cosmetics,   But I am sure that with all the simplicity of this method, only a few of you have achieved the result. Laziness wins all undertakings.  
 Do not believe me? Check it out.Laziness - a powerful and insidious enemy that sits inside of us.

  Try to stand on one leg and listen to your thoughts. You will learn many interesting things.

The Faces of Men Skin Care.

     Differences in the characteristics of male and female skin, starting at the level of acid-base balance - pH, whose average value is 5.4 in men, while women, it is 5.7. In connection with the action of male hormones, men's skin longer retains its firmness and elasticity. Wrinkles that appear later in men than in women, and deeper relief. Especially pronounced wrinkles eyes, forehead, corners of her mouth. He suffers from a mature male skin and loss of tone, which leads to a change in facial contours, from the appearance of bags under the eyes, from which you want to get rid of. Given the physiological characteristics of male skin, as well as women, needs careful daily care.
    Compared with women, leather, men have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the skin in men by approximately 20-25% thicker than women's, and has a rough and rugged upper layer. Men's skin is also more active circulation, looks darker because it has more collagen and melanin. Thanks to these features, the men rarely have cellulite practically and stretching. Nevertheless, the problems with the appearance of skin, a strong sex too much. Very faint small vessels often cause unhealthy well-defined red and purple faces.     Men have more hair follicles and sebaceous glands and sweat glands. These features of the "give" men's skin redness, pimples, inflammation, and excessive sweating glitter.
  Basic care for men's skin - it's cleansing. If this is not enough to rinse the face with water. It is advisable to use special cosmetics.

Dangerous "how to" treat bags under his eyes.

    There are many tips for removing dark circles and bags under the eyes that are simply dangerous to your health.
The most common are the following:
1. Lubrication depressions under the eyes protivogemmoroidalnoy ointment. This recipe does not hold water!
  Well really pereorbitalnaya area and anal overstie has the same structure?
After such an experiment on himself in the best outcome for you is the result of no consequences.
Treat allergies will be worse and more expensive for your wallet ... .
2. The use of bleaching creams for problem areas under the eyes. If dark circles are not associated with skin pigmentation, the effect will not be! Or rather, will be, but only on the moisturizing ingredients that are contained in the cream. So why pay the extra money?
  If you are a supporter of this method, you simply buy a moisturizer without additives, the difference will not see.
3. Gomeopatiya advised to take medication that contains an extract of arnica. In this case, nothing bad can be said. It is not known whether arnica helps to get rid of bags under the eyes, but your general health will help precisely.
  According to Wikipedia, the plant is very useful. Try, and suddenly help?

Quickly get rid of bags under the eyes.

      Once you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the causes of dark circles and bags under the eyes, with treatments and massages .
there was a need to understand that offers beauty products and why it is needed.
     It's no secret that the pace of life each year is accelerating, and the modern man there is less time for themselves and their family on vacation.
Time to cope with all the things a person tries at the expense of sleep time. Now we sleep 1.5 hours less than 10 years ago.
     Do you think this will be consequences for your health and have no effect on appearance?
Suggested ways to treat the "dark" eyes are quite effective and inexpensive, but the result can be seen not very fast.
    There are cases where the result must have "today"!

Ice massage the face in the home.

    Massage with ice - it is an interesting medical cosmetic procedure. This type of massage used in ancient times. The sharp contrast of body temperature is extremely good for your health in general.
     It is better to carry out this procedure in the hot tub. But if you do not want to take a bath or can not, you'll like just a pitcher of hot water and ice of course. So, for our procedure, you will need: any vessel with hot water, and a small soft towel and prepared in advance of ice cubes. Start with the fact that the dip a towel in hot water, squeeze it well and you put on your face or neck for five to ten minutes. Wait until completely cool towel, grab an ice cube and apply it to the skin.
    Keep your movements were smooth, flat, without pressure. Ice should gently glide over the skin. For one massage you will need 2-3 pieces of ice. After the treatment with ice, it should again be applied to face a hot towel for 2 minutes, then rinse face with cool water and rub on the skin nourishing mask or cream.
Be sure to follow the movements in the same order as shown.

The effect is not long to wait. Of ice massage, just 3-4 sessions bags under the eyes become less noticeable, fine wrinkles smoothed, as if by magic, and the skin will look fresher and younger.
    Useful Tips.
   Instead of the usual tap water is better to use mineral water without gas. Ice cubes make a better on the basis of frozen green tea without sugar. You can also use a special cosmetic ice. Make ice massage face constantly, it will allow you to keep the natural beauty for a long time.
  Contraindications to massage with ice almost none. But if you have any disease or you do not feel it is better to any massage consult an expert.

Exercise of bags under the eyes.

But the most effective procedure of bags under the eyes are the daily exercises. The fact that the muscles of our eyes are very small load, and to strengthen them, it is necessary to make them work!
The more muscles you work the eyes, the better lymph flow, and so uncomfortable your bags under the eyes;)
So, for the battle. Here's the basic set of exercises for the eyes:
    * Very close your eyes and open them as widely as possible. Repeat 10 times.
    * Hold your head up, look up and down, left and right, or rotate the eyes in an effort to increase the viewing angle. Exercise can be done even in public transport:)
    * Blink very quickly, and then close the eyes (), trying not to wrinkle his face. Keep as 10 seconds, then open and relax your eyes. Do this several times.
    * Close your eyes, hold it as 10 seconds. Then open wide and look up (no lift your head!) For another 10 seconds. Then relax and look into the distance. Do this several times.

How to get rid of the bags under your eyes natural, at home.

     You can everything that improves the flow of fluid from the eye, stimulates the regeneration of the skin, strengthens it and makes it supple. In order to remove bags under the eyes at home, using a variety of ways, which we believe.
 • A simple but very effective measure - ice cubes (preferably from the infusion of herbs) to help make massage the problem area for 3-4 minutes.
• Pay attention to the cold packs - stimulating blood circulation, they help to remove puffiness under the eyes. Traditional medicine recommends the use of bags of fresh tea leaves (green and black tea). Moisten a cotton swab into the tea leaves and put it on for 10-15 minutes on the eyes.
 • Remove bags under your eyes will help the mask of the parsley. Parsley, finely chopped and put under the eyes, superimposed on the leaves moist cotton swab. Such a mask is applied for 10-15 minutes. To get rid of bags under your eyes, make a one-week course.
• Proven excellent tool that allows you to remove bags under the eyes, a mask made of boiled potatoes. Method - just cut in half and attach the potatoes of your eyes for 20-30 minutes. Note - the potatoes should be warm but not hot, not to damage the delicate skin around the eyes.
• Contrasting herbal compresses - another effective way. To remove the bags under the eyes, suitable chamomile, sage, parsley. To prepare a compress pour boiling water over the leaves of grass, and then let stand for 20-30 minutes broth. After that, the broth is heated and the other is cooled. Then take a cotton swab soaked, and then turns into a warm infusion, and cold applied to the eye. This package is recommended before bedtime.

   In order to avoid swelling under the eyes, try eating more foods containing vitamin B5. This fish, meat, eggs, liver, legumes, fresh vegetables (asparagus, cauliflower, beets), porcini and button mushrooms. In addition, this vitamin-rich milk and dairy products, nuts, wheat germ and wheat bran, whole-grain bread .. Well, to help bring the excess fluid from the body, such as fruits and vegetables, watermelon, strawberries, parsley and pumpkin, but still abuse is not recommended.
 There is a very controversial methods to get rid of the "hang decorations," the eyes of men. These include:
1. Grease century protivogemmoroidalnoy ointment (not give it a try for yourself!). What can I say? Obviously, this cream is designed for completely different places of the human body and its treatment in the case in other places may have an effect, counterproductive.
2. The use of diuretics to remove fluid from the body. Their effectiveness in this situation is highly questionable, and no harm doctor's advice can lead to large.
 It often happens that should be well very soon look like "candy" - a fresh and rested. In this case, to apply cosmetics. You can read the review of the creams to remove bags under the eyes here Well, if you have time and money are best left to the elimination of edema and pigmentation under the eyes of professionals, beauticians.
   Good results and long-lasting effect for massaging the skin around the eyes.

Anatomical definition of the bags under his eyes.

 Eyeball sockets layer separated from the adipose tissue that acts as a shock and called periorbital fiber. From her eyelid skin separates the connective tissue membrane - orbital septum, holding the adipose tissue inside the eye socket.

Until recently it was believed that the bags under the eyes occur when the connective tissue membrane loses its elasticity, stretch, sag outwards and can not hold the fat inside, forming a kind of hernia. Therefore, when performing plastic surgery on the lower eyelids to remove "bags" surgeons, primarily sutured and reinforced orbital septum.

 However, in the summer of 2008 scientists proved that the appearance of bags under the eyes caused by an increase in the periorbital tissue. When this increase exceeds the orbital septum tension, fat sticks out her out, going beyond the orbit. And to increase the amount of adipose tissue may due to its expansion or edema.

 "Sacks", which appeared as a result of edema, usually most noticeable after a sleep and reduced or completely pass late in the afternoon, when under the influence of gravity and stimulate blood circulation fluid flowing from the upper body.

 "Bags" associated with the growth of adipose tissue are constant and do not depend on time of day.

Why do men want to get rid of bags under your eyes?

      If you are on this site, then you, like many other men, worried about the dark bags under his eyes. It seems the problem is not very serious: no pain, no itching ... .
     Men of the population usually does not pay that much attention to their appearance, the more beautiful half of humanity - a woman.


     However, there are many reasons to get rid of this cosmetic defect.

 Here are the main arguments:
1. Wrinkles, and even gray hair on your head you will add less age than the dark circles under the eyes hanging.
2.Cinema during its existence, through films managed to create the image of man - a loser, a leading healthy lives,
abusing alcohol, unsettled in life. So, in most cases, the villain has huge bags under my eyes!
You want to look like? I think not.

   In order that others not think badly of you, it is urgent to resolve the issue: "How to get rid of bags under the eyes of men?"
   The following steps to resolve this issue appearance:
1.Learn the anatomical definition of bags under the eyes and determine the cause of and find out the cause. (This is a very important step! Pay attention to him!)
2 Depending on the reason to define a strategy to combat this misunderstanding.
3.Ways to remove bags under the eyes, their advantages and disadvantages::
 3.1. Natural remedies.
 3.2. That invites us to cosmetics?
 3.3 Medical (surgical) methods of disposal.
  I want to just calm down those who do not like to refer to physicians: the need to resort to surgery is extremely rare.
  In most cases, the problem of the appearance of bags under the eyes is solved with a little financial cost and at home!