Ice massage the face in the home.

    Massage with ice - it is an interesting medical cosmetic procedure. This type of massage used in ancient times. The sharp contrast of body temperature is extremely good for your health in general.
     It is better to carry out this procedure in the hot tub. But if you do not want to take a bath or can not, you'll like just a pitcher of hot water and ice of course. So, for our procedure, you will need: any vessel with hot water, and a small soft towel and prepared in advance of ice cubes. Start with the fact that the dip a towel in hot water, squeeze it well and you put on your face or neck for five to ten minutes. Wait until completely cool towel, grab an ice cube and apply it to the skin.
    Keep your movements were smooth, flat, without pressure. Ice should gently glide over the skin. For one massage you will need 2-3 pieces of ice. After the treatment with ice, it should again be applied to face a hot towel for 2 minutes, then rinse face with cool water and rub on the skin nourishing mask or cream.
Be sure to follow the movements in the same order as shown.

The effect is not long to wait. Of ice massage, just 3-4 sessions bags under the eyes become less noticeable, fine wrinkles smoothed, as if by magic, and the skin will look fresher and younger.
    Useful Tips.
   Instead of the usual tap water is better to use mineral water without gas. Ice cubes make a better on the basis of frozen green tea without sugar. You can also use a special cosmetic ice. Make ice massage face constantly, it will allow you to keep the natural beauty for a long time.
  Contraindications to massage with ice almost none. But if you have any disease or you do not feel it is better to any massage consult an expert.