Programming a Night's Sleep.

  I think everybody understands that if a good night's sleep, the chances of dark circles and bags under the eyes is reduced by several times!
 Good effect in the prevention of sleep disorders provides autogenic training - effect on its status by using self-hypnosis.
 Mastering this technique is, of course, more complicated than take a pill, but your faith and perseverance will be rewarded: you fall asleep quickly and sleep without medication deep restful sleep.
 The method is this: you're lying on your back, arms along your torso, legs freely distributed. Slowly repeat to yourself, the following phrases represent the warm light of a jet of water, soft sunlight, muffled murmur of the sea, rustle of pebbles and similar to other coastal images associated with this warm, pleasant and quiet gravity.
 "My feet are warm and heavy, the legs are relaxed, all the leg muscles are relaxed (3-4).
 "My hands are warm and heavy, his hands relaxed, all hand muscles relaxed (3-4).

 "The muscles of his forehead relaxed, the muscles are relaxed meadow forehead, cheek muscles are relaxed, extract teeth, lower jaw droops, all your facial muscles relaxed." The last word is repeated 3-4 times.
 "The whole body is relaxed, every muscle relaxed" (2-4).
 "The body is its weight presses down on the bed good" (2-4).
 "The blood of warm wave washes the whole body gets into the tips of fingers, toes, pleasant warmth spreads throughout the body" (2-4).
 "Breathing is free, deep" (2-4).
 "I'm calm, quite calm. Pleasant feeling of peace spreads a warm wave "(2-4).
 "The whole body is relaxed and motionless" (2-4)
 "His eyelids grow heavy, I can not overcome the drowsiness, I want to rest" (2-4).
 "A pleasant dream comes to me more and more" (2-4).
If this advice is not enough, we recommend that further consideration of advice on how to get to sleep easily and quickly.
Enjoy your dreams, and the complete absence of dark bags under his eyes!