The best way to get rid of bags under the eyes, a healthy lifestyle.

   Would you like to once and for all, almost 100% get rid of those nasty bags under your eyes?    There is a very simple and at the same time nearly impossible for many of the secret that everyone knows. You just have to live a healthy lifestyle. 
  So simple? Yes, it seems easy to follow simple tips.
  Let's start with something small. Try to provide the necessary amount of sleep, give up excessive amounts of alcohol, beer, long party. Try to do morning exercises, to make a run.Eat less salt and fried foods. 
  Follow these tips though - would be one week. Just one. And you will be shocked by the positive effect of health, who will receive the body. The disappearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes is the smallest effect you will see immediately. And no need to buy creams and other cosmetics,   But I am sure that with all the simplicity of this method, only a few of you have achieved the result. Laziness wins all undertakings.  
 Do not believe me? Check it out.Laziness - a powerful and insidious enemy that sits inside of us.

  Try to stand on one leg and listen to your thoughts. You will learn many interesting things.
 First, it (too lazy) to behave correctly - be silent. 
With increasing fatigue, your inner voice will convince:
 - Stop it! It you want?
 If you do not stop in its action, laziness will get you bully:
 - You are very sick!Have pity on yourself, rest.
This process is a discussion with the infinite.
If you continue the exercise to begin the negotiation process:
 - Okay! Let's work out a little more and we will have a rest.
  We strongly recommend to carry out this enlightening discussion with their domestic enemy.