The Faces of Men Skin Care.

     Differences in the characteristics of male and female skin, starting at the level of acid-base balance - pH, whose average value is 5.4 in men, while women, it is 5.7. In connection with the action of male hormones, men's skin longer retains its firmness and elasticity. Wrinkles that appear later in men than in women, and deeper relief. Especially pronounced wrinkles eyes, forehead, corners of her mouth. He suffers from a mature male skin and loss of tone, which leads to a change in facial contours, from the appearance of bags under the eyes, from which you want to get rid of. Given the physiological characteristics of male skin, as well as women, needs careful daily care.
    Compared with women, leather, men have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the skin in men by approximately 20-25% thicker than women's, and has a rough and rugged upper layer. Men's skin is also more active circulation, looks darker because it has more collagen and melanin. Thanks to these features, the men rarely have cellulite practically and stretching. Nevertheless, the problems with the appearance of skin, a strong sex too much. Very faint small vessels often cause unhealthy well-defined red and purple faces.     Men have more hair follicles and sebaceous glands and sweat glands. These features of the "give" men's skin redness, pimples, inflammation, and excessive sweating glitter.
  Basic care for men's skin - it's cleansing. If this is not enough to rinse the face with water. It is advisable to use special cosmetics.

 After cleansing the face - the ritual of shaving. Entity - the most pronounced difference that makes the male half of humanity on a daily basis for face care. Beard grows an average person about, O375 cm per day and per year is stored as much as 13.75 cm This process makes men spend on shaving an average of 3350 hours, 140 days of his life. At the same time they shave approximately 829.6 cm of hair.
  Dermatologists say that frequent shaving becomes thinner stratum corneum, the skin barrier function deteriorates and causes her to experience constant stress. Thus, you should use after shave emollient and moisturizing creams.
  In addition, experts believe that the best shave on an empty stomach, because after a meal increases blood flow and the probability of a cut skin increases. Start a better shave the hair growth, or some hairs start to grow back into the follicle, that is, to grow under the skin.
Men's skin is more susceptible keratinization, and therefore more in need of deep cleaning. To remove the dead layer of the epidermis, it is generally recommended to make a mask to be applied at least once a week and preferably before shaving, as they soften the stubble. Most often, the role of masks in the correction of excessive fat in the form of blood vessels, dryness of the skin.
   Approximately 40 years after skin majority of men becomes more dry and sensitive. Therefore, in this age of after-shave lotions and other cosmetics containing alcohol, should be abandoned. Preference will be given balms with natural antiseptic additives - chamomile, aloe vera, green tea.