Incentives to get rid of bags under the eyes.

  Frankly, with a strong desire to remove dark circles or bags is not difficult.
To do this, there are many ways, such as here and here, too.
But why do the majority of men (more women) are constantly looking for how to forget about these "jewels" for all?
  The answer to this question is as follows: - "There is little incentive"!
 Here's a typical situation of most people.
- Woke up - looked at myself in the mirror - it frightened her face - a couple of days has made an effort to fight for the beauty of his face - looking in the mirror and feel better - all, enough to fight!
 Do not you recognize yourself?
 If not, you just got lucky.
   You see, the problem is simply how to create incentives for themselves to fight to complete victory over the bags.

   The simplest way to get yourself to grips with their appearance simple.
1.Take a picture his face for what it is in the morning - just waking up, without makeup and washing.
2. You may have scared themselves (but that's just today)!
3. Carefully analyze your image (sagging cheeks, puffy eyes, moschiny, unhealthy skin color). It's you!
4. Immediately begin to engage each other. Facial massage, healthy food, sports, plenty of time for sleep, less beer - this is for you.
5. After a week to do another photo. The difference you noticed? Bags under the eyes are smaller, skin looks fresh? I congratulate you!
6. That's an incentive. You have become better, more perfect and beautiful. In addition, prove to yourself that you - a real man who knows how to achieve their goals!
7. Do not stop, continue their fight with him and you win.